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Focus on God In Your Storm

When storms come...View the waves in light of God's promise and they will not overtake you.

Often we assume that if we are in a storm, we must be out of God's will. That we must have done something wrong for God to be silent when we call out in distress. I am thankful for the clear examples in the Bible that contradict this thinking because at some point, we will all face storms of various kinds. Jesus said in John 16:33 to expect it. Yes, there are times when you can be in God's will, right where he wants you to be, and storms come. (Matthew 8:23-27, Matthew 14:22-33)

Storms are real, even life threatening. I will never say you must deny the reality of your storm and call it a sunny day. We may not know the why's or God's plan in detail, but I am certain God has purpose in pain. Storms deepen our faith, they bring about righteousness, prepare us for things to come and give us greater revelations of who God really is. And like a good teacher, He allows tests to see if what we have learned is really a part of us, did we really get it, do we really believe? 

So when storms come, don't let the waves override God's promise and presence. It is when we focus on the storm that the waves overtake us. 






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